Monday, September 1, 2014

What to do when trapped in an elevator

Well we have a baptism this Saturday! :) of one of my favorite people in the whole world! "E"!!!! woohoo!  So she´s the little girl we´ve been teaching. We went over there this week and asked her if she´s thought about her baptismal date. Her parents told us they wanted the 6th of September :) Woohoo. I turned to "E" and asked her how she felt about her baptism and getting baptized on that date. ¨It´s like I´m walking on a cloud, I´m just so happy¨  If that isn´t the cutest thing you´ve ever heard I don´t know what is! :) It was just one of those moments you can´t help but to smile :) haha  She also was wearing a name badge that had her name in big letters.  Her mom told us that because we always came with name badges on she wanted to be like us and made her own :) Adorable. She´s adorable. I gave her one of my chappas for the lesson and she was a missionary too :)  So yesterday in church they announced her baptism in Sacrament Meeting and when they did she just burst into the biggest smile you´ve ever seen. :) I reached over and gave her a big hug because I just love her so much. I know that she is a huge reason I am here in Barrio 6-  I can see so much potential in her and in her whole family and I´m so grateful to be able to see the hand of the Lord working in their lives! :)

I ran into Uncle Mike´s mission companion ... the one I was supposed to be looking for...  :) So he´s now in the mission presidency and for zone conference he bore his testimony.  When they said his name I thought it sounded familiar, but then he told us about some of his mission experiences from his mission in California and then I remembered that he is Mike´s mission companion! :) We talked for a while after.  He said Mike was one of his closest companions! :)
Small world, no?

-"M" She´s hilarious. We met with her again, this time with her husband-So we taught the first lesson again. She helped us out with the teaching of the lesson because she really understood everything so well! So at the end of the lesson when we were all bearing our testimonies she just jumped right in there and bore her testimony about how she knows Joseph Smith is a prophet and how the Book of Mormon is true. :) Super cute.  So haha funny story- at the beginning of the lesson she pulls out her Bible- and it´s a Jehovah Witness Bible... so we explain that this Bible has been changed and we´ll bring her a new Bible. She is so excited about getting a new Bible and tells us we can take the other bible and bring her a new one.  Perfect. So fast forward to the end of the lesson- we had already left and were down on the street when she pops her head out her window (on the fourth floor) and shouts that we forgot the Bible. The words ´oh we´ll come get it´ don´t even start to come out of our mouths before she chucks the Bible out her window. haha   Fourth floor straight into the bushes...I mean yeah it´s been changed but it is still a Bible. haha  I really wish I could relive that moment and record it because it was hilarious. We then proceeded to climb through the bushes to retrieve it.  Great fun.

This week was just chalk full of adventures- So Saturday night we were leaving a cita with a menos activa. So we get in the elevator, like normal, and start heading down to the bottom floor, like normal. Well we get to the bottom floor and the elevator stops... but the doors don´t open or anything.  That´s weird... but we just waited for a minute for them to open. Yeah they didn´t open. haha So after a few minutes we realized that they probably weren´t going to open and we began to push all the buttons that we could find- nothing (except for the alarm button which definitely did work but didn´t do us much good other than give us all a headache). So at this point one of my companions starts to hyperventilate and my other companion and I are just laughing at how ridiculous the situation is. So I call up "M" and let her know that we are stuck in the elevator. A bunch of people head to the bottom floor and we manage to pry open the elevator door :) Turns out the elevator had stopped between the 1st and bottom floor- haha so there was a little gap that we could climb out and then jump down to the ground. It was great fun. That sure doesn´t happen everyday! :) I was happy I didn´t have to explain to the District Leader that we would be spending the night that dang elevator.

Well other than that it´s been a pretty mellow week. For the first time in my 14 months in Spain my chocolate chip cookies actually turned out looking like chocolate chip cookies... so I was pretty proud of that!

Well have a great week! :)  Love ya lots! :)

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