Monday, September 22, 2014

Cathedrals, Castles, Columbus...all in a days work

So I really love Alcalá!!! It is an incredible area, I have an incredible companion and we're seeing so many miracles!! Alcalá is one of the more historic cities in Spain... so we´ll be walking down the street and see a famous cathedral and then keep walking and see the oldest University in Europe. Then we´ll go to a plaza to teach a lesson and it is a plaza dedicated to a famous Spaniard author, Miguel Cervantes, because he just happened to be born in Alcalá. Then we´ll be contacting in one area of town and run across a palace which happens to be the palace of Queen Isabel I (where Christopher Columbus went to ask to travel)... you know it´s a pretty historic place :) It´s been fun to feel like a part of Spain and get to know more about the Spanish history. This ward is actually also one of the oldest in Spain, so a lot of the members are the pioneers of Spain. nifty, huh?! Needless to say, I´m loving it here!

So we´ve been seeing lots of miracles!
-On Wednesday we are making our way to our district meeting... and we run into one of my investigators from Barrio 6. "A"... so she had dropped off the face of the earth about 3 months ago-- we literally didn´t know what happened because she was progressing a ton. Well we saw her in the streets, turns out she moved to Alcalá (thus the dropping off the face of the earth)... but we had a lesson with her and she is even more ready to receive the gospel. I told her that seeing her and me being here isn´t a coincidence.. that this is God telling her that she really needs this message in her life... :) She agreed with me. :)
-We contacted this man, "J", taught him about the Restoration and when we got to the Book of Mormon he told us it looked familiar. So the next lesson we had with him, he brought his Book of Mormon that he found in his house, crazy, right?! Now the next step.. actually reading the book.
-We contacted this girl... she is on study abroad here but is originally from Vegas. She actually has a bunch of Mormon friends and went to seminary with them. So she is a seminary graduate...and not a member. Let me tell you how often we run into seminary graduates in the street -  that never happens. She was super excited to give us her number and meet and all! :)
Just lots of great things are happening! This has been a good change, we just go out and work, and I absolutely love that!

It rains quite a bit here too... haha so we´re trying to perfect the art of contacting with umbrellas...but at least we´ve got the element of surprise--most people aren´t accustomed to being stopped in the pouring rain :) at least for a few moments they receive cover from the rain :)
On Sunday I was asked to give my testimony as part of the welcoming to the ward ritual... but I was given specific instructions to be personal and get the ward to see me as a person as well as a missionary. So (oh I was so proud of myself) I got the whole ward to laugh! :) Woohoo  I was so happy...

There was a day when we were fed a TON... and on our way home my comp was trying to get me to eat chocolate... usually I just eat the dang chocolate but I was so full.. and haha she told me either I eat it or I give it to someone on the street. haha  So the next people we passed were a bunch of punk teenagers, it was a contact of chocolate and then the gospel...they rejected them both... but their faces were priceless.  My comp ended up eating the chocolate as a reward for my good performance :) haha 
Well have a great week!!! Love you lots!
Hna Fowers

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