Monday, September 15, 2014

Off to Alcala

So change of pace... here I am in Alcalá! :) I have got the cutest companion and I´m super excited to finish up her training and I´m super excited to be here. Oh man I´m so happy!

I love Barrio 6 and it was super hard to leave. It really is amazing to me how fast and how much I can come to love the people here. Yesterday we visited some of my favorite people... and literally ate 5 different times yesterday.  I was about ready to throw up. haha  There goes my diet for the whole transfer :)

Well here is some great news!!!!! "M". . Ok we have been working with her since I arrived in B6 just about 6 months ago.. She wants to get baptized so badly, like she has the most desire out of anyone I´ve ever seen- but couldn´t because of some situations. Anyway we´ve been working on that for 6 months- we had to teach her a lot about the Lord´s timing and truly accepting his will in our lives. We were there when she broke down in tears because she couldn´t get baptized. My heart is completely and totally with her and I have grown and learned so much as I´ve watched her learn and grow. She is such an example to me and I love her so much.  Well anyway on Friday she calls ecstatic and tells me that she is ready to get baptized... that the situation is resolved and she can now get baptized. Oh my gosh, 6 months of teaching and waiting and comforting and relying on the Lord... and she is getting baptized the week I leave. I guess I needed to apply all those lessons we taught about accepting the Lord´s timing! :) I´m sooo happy for her.  I know that this is truly the desire of her heart, to be baptized, and I know that she will be blessed for the rest of her life for this decision! :)  So sad that I won´t be there.... haha

Also... so there is a recent convert named "E" and when I first got to B6 he was super solid, wanted to go on a mission, was sharing his testimony with everyone.  He then kind of fell off the end of the earth and wouldn´t meet with us or anything. It was super sad to see the change in his life. Well about 2 weeks ago we stopped by and were able to get in... and we had a super straightforward lesson... I basically just told him the potential I had seen in him and how it was so sad to see him blowing that away. It was a super straightforward lesson but it actually got to him. So this week we had a lesson with him and his friend, and I got to see a glimpse of the old "E" again. He was more humble and was bearing a simple testimony. Yesterday they both came to church. :) He is turning around and it is a miracle to see it.

Ok well 3 funny moments for the week:
-we were contacting an elderly lady.... she was a little deaf and thought we were asking where the church was- so she started giving us directions to the temple... hahaha thanks...
-we were eating with a member and her little girl turns to us and told us ´man, your life is such a pity´... hahaha because we only have one free day a week... we spent a good chunk of time persuading her that it is the best
-and I definitely ate a liver sandwich this week and wanted to throw up. haha 

Well love you lots!  Have a great week!

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