Monday, September 8, 2014


My favorite little "E" got baptized on Saturday. It was super cute, and now you all get to hear about it: drumroll please. :)

- Background... so June was the month of invitation for Europe. So the members were supposed to invite their friends to church, whether it be nonmembers or less actives... and "L" (a blessed member) invited her friend "I" to church. 

This particular Sunday Hna Manner and I were in the Primary helping with the music. I just happened to sit by "E" and got to know her a little. Then in Sacrament meeting I saw "E" sitting by "L" and I didn´t recognize her mom. So I headed over there to talk to them :) Come to find out "I" had been inactive for a while but was wanting to come back..only problem was that they didn´t live in our area.  So we kept in contact with them for a while until we got news that they were moving into our area. Sweet. So we had an FHE in the house of "L" with their whole family  "A" (her dad), "I" (her mom), and "E". In this FHE we brought the children's Book of Mormon and taught about Joseph Smith and the Restoration. You have to understand that "E" didn´t know anything about the church, she didn´t know who Joseph Smith was or what the Book of Mormon was. We watched her as she learned about the church and truly came to gain a super strong testimony. Incredible. So at the end of the lesson we gave her the Book of Mormon and her face absolutely and completely lit up. :)

Once they lived in our area we could go over and start visiting them. I called once to set something up and "E" (talking a million words a minute) said ´Hna Fowers, Hna Fowers, now you can come over and teach me and then I can get baptized´ :) Literally I loved her from the first time I talked with her, she is just so pure and adorable!  Teaching her was sooo much fun... I love kids and I love teaching kids... :) we were able to teach the lessons in ways that were really fun and creative and it really was a highlight of my week. She always informed us on her reading in her book and told us every single little detail she could remember.  So cute.

Anyway long story short, she is as close to heaven as you can get and she was so prepared to be baptized. So Saturday was the big day. She arrived in her white dress and looked like an angel! :) The spirit was sooo strong and she bore her testimony after her baptism and said that she felt ´phenomenal´ and that ´after feeling the way she does she knows for sure that God exists´. Soooooooo cute. It has been amazing to see how her family has grown closer to Christ. Her parents have become super active members with testimonies super strong and "E" is an angel. I love them all so much!!! She now has a family strong in the gospel and I know that she will grow up to do so many great things because she is an incredible girl!

Well that was long. :) but it has been the biggest blessing for me to see the process of all this and watch as her father brought her into the waters of baptism. One of the most powerful moments of my mission. :) The Lord knows us well...  This has been a super hard transfer but it has also been a time when I have seen miracles come to pass :)

Also... this week was the week for Las Palmas to come to the temple. so I got to see all the people I love!!!  Blessings coming from everywhere! :)
Well peace out.  Have a great week!

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